North Hastings Economic Development Committee

The North Hastings Economic Development Committee gives oversight to this website. Thank you for visiting us online today. If you would like to know more about us, read our Mission Statement and Terms of Reference provided below.  NHEDC is an incorporated not- for- profit organization with Directors from the municipalities and sectors in North Hastings. 

Current Membership

Cathy Trimble - Chair - Representing the Township of Carlow Mayo

Paul Jenkins - Past Chair - Representing Social Services - Medical

Bill Kilpatrick/Lianne Sauter - Town of Bancroft

Avis Price - Vice Chair/Treasurer - Algonquin Arts Council

Graham Blair - Director at Large - Wollaston

Libby Clarke - Director at Large - Tudor & Cashel

Carol Russell - Maynooth & Hastings Highlands Business Association

Robyn Rodgers/Tracy Hagar - Hastings Highlands

Greg Webb/Bonnie Adams- Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce

Jim Thomson - Township of Faraday

Dana Yonemitsu - Bancroft Real Estate Board

Julie Helps - Loyalist College

Steve Wilkes - Forestry

Vacant- Hastings Prince Edward District School Board

Vacant - Township of Limerick

Vacant - Youth

Vacant - Financial Institution


Mission Statement

In co-operation with the Hastings County Economic Development Office and with its own member organizations, the North Hastings Economic Development Committee will act as a catalyst to encourage and strengthen economic development in North Hastings.

Terms of Reference


  • To ensure the continuation of the existing economic base of the area and to seek, encourage and assist viable future economic growth.
  • To work in tandem with the initiatives of the Hastings County Economic Development office and Committee.
  • To support collaboration with community, business and municipal groups and interests, and to act as a forum for mutually beneficial ideas, actions and information.
  • To seek opportunities and to work with appropriate agencies to encourage new economic growth.
  • To develop and operate programs which will ensure a workforce capable of serving both the current economic base and future economic growth.
  • To work with the appropriate agencies to encourage financial investment in existing and new economic ventures.
  • To liaise with existing businesses.
  • To support community led solutions to identified economic issues.


Membership shall be invited to reflect all the municipalities of North Hastings as well as those of government, business/enterprises, and community organizations devoted to or concerned with the economic strength of the area
Members are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis; work cooperatively with NHEDC; represent their organization; act honestly and in good faith; and maintain the confidences of the committee.


An open Annual General Meeting shall be held each January.
Members of NHEDC shall annually elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and two members at large to act as the executive/steering committee.
At the pleasure of the members the elected officers may serve for two years.
Steering Group – shall serve as a sounding board and coordinating body between meetings of the full group.
The Chair - shall preside as Chair of the Board; report to each Annual Meeting of the
Members - assist in preparing an agenda and supervise that it is followed; perform such other duties as may be determined by the Board.
Vice Chair - in the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall chair Meetings of the Board and perform the duties of the Chair as necessary.
Treasurer - the Treasurer shall maintain and report a financial overview and ensure the proper financial records and procedures are maintained.


Each member present at a meeting of the Board shall have one vote.
The Chair normally shall not vote but may cast a deciding vote to break a tie.

Finances and Accountability

NHEDC is not an income generating organization and must rely upon its member organizations, municipal governments, the County of Hastings, CFDC and various granting agencies for financial support. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to maintain financial records in such a manner to be accurate, open and available to funders.

Meeting Times and Locations

Meetings shall be held on a set day and time as may be determined by NHEDC or at the call of the Chair. The location of the meetings will be determined and announced by the Chair.

Record Of Meetings

The Chair shall ensure that an agreed written record of each meeting is kept and forwarded to the members.



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