Scenic Fall Routes

"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower." Wrote Albert Camus. Crisp air, panoramic views, brilliantly colored maple and poplar trees splashed with green of the fir trees: the routes to North Hastings is a destination in itself. The scenic routes in North Hastings are one of the Hastings County’s great autumn drives regions.

As the sticky weather and easy vibes of summer fade, the cooler, more grounded climes of the fall season assert their dominance, and the effect is bitter-sweet. While it's easy to mourn the loss of beach days, sliced watermelon, and a decent base-tan, fall does a pretty amazing job at easing the passage, offering alternate joys like apple picking and pumpkin pie. Chief among fall's benefits? The brilliant, kaleidoscopic landscapes that come with the changing leaves.

The fall foliage season, when the changing palette of deciduous trees is in blazing bloom, is now starting. And the way to maximize your intake of colour is to map-out a driving route. In September, October, colour seekers can visit 13 different routes. Plan a day trip or stay longer!

Coming soon: The North Hastings Non-Motorized Trails Project


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