Heritage & Ghost Towns in North Hastings

North Hastings, like many places, has a rich history. There are stories, events, people and places that shape what a region becomes. We look forward to sharing some of our stories with you. From the First Nations people that called this area home to the colonial push from Europe to settle land and extract resources. Majestic White Pine, the local water ways, railroads, and 'boom & bust' mining industry... all of these and more have a share in the North Hastings story.

We've provided some information and links below that will get you started as you explore the North Hastings story!


North Hastings Heritage Museum

north hastings heritage museum

This museum is situated in a log building that dates back to 1879 and once belonged to a lumber company. A tour of the museum will reveal several carefully reconstructed rooms that are reminiscent of Bancroft’s past. Artifacts contained in the museum include logging and agricultural tools, dental and medical equipment, costumes, picture, documents and minerals that all reflect the History of this wilderness town.
Next to the Post Office on Station St. in Bancroft Ontario


Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club Museum

bancroft railway station and mineral museum

Bancroft is known internationally as the Mineral Capital of Canada and to reflect this heritage, the new Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club Museum proudly exhibits minerals from this unique geologic region.  Located in the recently restored Bancroft Railway Station, the museum showcases the vast number of different minerals found within 100 km as well as special displays of minerals from all over the globe.  Minerals and the railway both, are important elements in the history of the region.  Be sure to stop by for a visit.  Conveniently located in downtown Bancroft, the Station also houses the regional Visitor Information Centre and Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce.  See www.bancroftdistrict.com for details.


Ghost Towns

Because of our boom and bust mineral-based economy, North Hastings is home to some of the best Ghost Town viewing opportunities in the province.  For the history and directions to some of these forgotten communities in North Hastings and the surrounding regions, visit blog.getrealinontario.com


History & Heritage Groups

The Ontario Metis Family Records Center

The Ontario Metis Family Records Center (OMFRC) is dedicated to researching and documenting the aboriginal and Metis families of Ontario.
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Wollaston Heritage Committee

Newly opened in 2015, the Wollaston Heritage Centre at 16 Centre St. in Coe Hill provides a glimpse into the iron mining past and early settlement in Coe Hill.  The Centre is open Saturdays and Sundays only during July and August.

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