Extreme Sports

While early settlers to this rugged landscape were “extreme adventurers”, the term has now taken on a new twist! We have the rock faces that offer quality experiences to the rock and ice climbers that flock here from across North Hastings. Where else in Ontario can you sit in a Tim Horton’s and watch ice climbers scale the likes of Eagles Nest?

Mud bawging enthusiasts descend upon Maynooth each Labour Day weekend for the annual mud bawg event. If mud and cars are your thing, this is the event not to miss!

Dog sledding offers extreme without the noise (other than barking dogs!). The annual dog sled race in Bancroft takes place in February during our annual regional event, "Think Snow", with teams coming from across Ontario, Quebec and the U.S. Local tourism operators provide a variety of dog sledding opportunities to visitors. Check out our links for details.

White water rafting is another family favourite. Just a few minutes outside Maynooth on the Madawaska River, this is an experience you will not soon forget!

Extreme Sports Links

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