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Section A: ŸSnapshot of North Hastings

Section B: ŸDemographics

Section C: ŸLabour Force

Section D: ŸCompetitive Advantages

Section E: ŸWay of Life Advantages

Section F: ŸCommunications


Section A: ŸSnapshot of North Hastings


A.1. Location

North Hastings is ideally located equidistant between Toronto and Ottawa, and next door to Algonquin Park, an internationally recognized tourism destination. North Hastings is less than a tank of gas away from the over 5 million in population in the GTA alone.  Major airports are located less than 3 hours away at Toronto and Ottawa with shuttle service available directly from North Hastings to Toronto.

Location and Distance to Larger Centres Map

While the largest communities in North Hastings are Bancroft, Maynooth and Coe Hill, there are many smaller vibrant communities that reflect the culture and heritage of the region:  Boulter, Birds Creek, McArthurs Mills, Ormsby, Gilmour, Combermere, L'Amable, Purdy, Maple Leaf, Lake St. Peter, to name a few.

There are approximately 242 named lakes in North Hastings (Hastings County Planning Dept. 2013) where anglers can toss a line, or you can boat, canoe or kayak for kilometres.  Some of the more recognized lakes include Baptiste, Papineau, Wollaston, Bay, Limerick, Faraday Trout, Salmon Trout, Foster, Steenburg, Diamond and Lake St. Peter but the list of lakes and rivers to discover, is almost endless!

North Hastings is widely recognized for the natural beauty of its Highlands.  Huge outcroppings of rock and elevations with amazing vistas over pristine landscapes make this one of the most beautiful and largely undiscovered areas of Eastern Ontario.

North Hastings Towns and Hamlets map

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A.2. Brief History of North Hastings

During the mid to late 19th century settlers began to move into North Hastings area from the southern part of the county.  Early land grants provided an impetus for the new arrivals that soon began to clear the land and develop permanent settlements.  In the early 1880s the railway came to Coe Hill with the discovery of iron ore.  Then, in 1900, the railway was extended as far north as Bancroft and in 1907, to Maynooth.  While the landscape was not conducive to the farming the early settlers anticipated, the railway soon opened up a huge forestry industry that has carried on until present day. 

During the twentieth century it became recognized that North Hastings is unique geologically in the world.  More than 90% of the minerals in the world can be found within the North Hastings area.  Corundum, sodalite, marble and uranium mining flourished for short periods in what became a “boom” and “bust” economy.

Prompted by availability of land and the opportunity for a peaceful way of living, North Hastings has long attracted diverse groups of individuals seeking alternative lifestyles.

Since the 1920s, North Hastings has continued to grow as a tourist destination.  Today, nearly 41% of the permanent dwellings in North Hastings are occupied by seasonal residents. An estimated 150,000 tourists visit the region each year for its superb outdoor recreational opportunities.  Bancroft continues to be the retail and service hub for the larger region while smaller communities also offer unique retail and cultural experiences.  The permanent and seasonal resident population within 72 km of Bancroft is more than 60,000.

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A.3. Overview of Political Structure

North Hastings is part of a two-tier system within Hastings County in Eastern Ontario.  There are seven municipalities in North Hastings:

  • Town of Bancroft
  • Municipality of Hastings Highlands
  • Township of Wollaston
  • Township of Carlow Mayo
  • Limerick Township
  • Township of Tudor and Cashel
  • Faraday Township


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A.4. Contact Information

County of Hastings, Upper Tier - *See more details below for County Planning and Economic Development Services
Office Contact: Andrew Redden, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 966-9312
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

Town of Bancroft
Office Contact: Hazel Lambe, Clerk/Ec. Dev., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 332-3331 ext. 206
Economic Development Contact: Hazel Lambe, Ec. Dev. Officer

Hastings Highlands
Office Contact: Robyn Rogers, Manager of Corporate Services/Clerk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 613-338-2811 ext. 235
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

Township of Wollaston
Office Contact: Jennifer Cohen, Clerk/Deputy Treasurer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 337-5731
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

Township of Carlow Mayo
Office Contact: Arlene Cox, Clerk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 332-1760
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

Faraday Township
Office Contact: Brenda Vader, Clerk/Treasurer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 332-3638
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

Township of Limerick
Office Contact: Jennifer Trumble, Clerk/Treasurer/CAO, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 474-2863
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

Township of Tudor & Cashel
Office Contact: Bernice Crocker, Clerk-Treasurer/CAO, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (613) 474-2583
Economic Development Contact: Andrew Redden, Hastings County Economic Development Manager

*County of Hastings Services

Brian McComb
County Planning Director
15 Victoria Ave.
Belleville, ON K8N 1Z5
Phone: (613) 966-6712  ext. 4007
Fax: (613) 966-7654

Andrew Redden
Economic Development Manager
M.Sc.(PL), MCIP, RPP, Ec.D.(F)
Hastings County
1 (866) 321-9563 ext. 4011
1 (613) 966-6712 ext. 4011
Twitter: @HastingsCounty
Facebook: HastingsCounty

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Section B: Demographics


B.1. Permanent and Seasonal Resident Population in Trade Area

(Source: Statistics Canada 2011)

Permanent and Seasonal Resident Population in Trade Area

In addition, 150,000 tourists were estimated to have visited North Hastings in 2009, (including seasonal residents) for a total of 69,000 same day visits and 81,000 overnight visits with each spending $130 per person per visit on average – a total of $19.5 million.

(Source: PKF Consulting, Stats Canada, MTOUR Regional Tourism Profiles, 2007 - CD 12: Hastings County)

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B.2. Educational Attainment

(Statistics Canada – National Household Survey 2011)

North Hastings has a readily available workforce with close to 30% of the population between age 25 and 64 having at least some level of college or university education.  32.3% of this population have an Apprenticeship or Training Certificate.

Highest Level of Educational Attainment

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B.3. Age Distribution

(Source: Statistics Canada 2011)

North Hastings has a population that is older than that for the province.  This overrepresentation in the older age categories presents an opportunity that new pharmacy chains in Bancroft are capitalizing on!  Growth in service jobs related to seniors is already happening.

North Hastings Age Distribution

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Section C: Labour Force


C.1. Employment by Industry

Retail trade, Health Care & Social Services, Construction and Accommodation and Food Services are the major employers in North Hastings.

North Hastings Employment by Industry

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C.2. Average Earnings by Industry 2011

In 2011 the average earnings in North Hastings was $35k

North Hastings Average Earnings by Industry

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C.3. Current Trends in North Hastings

Between 2010 and 2011, North Hastings had a 2.5 % growth in number of jobs compared to 1.4% for the province.

North Hastings Growth in Jobs

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C.4. Growth in Key Occupations

North Hastings Growth in Key Occupations

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C.5. Creative Economy – EMSI Analyst

Between 2010 and 2012, North Hastings had a 29% growth in jobs classified as "Creative" and Arts, Entertainment and Recreation.


C.6. Largest Employers - 2013

  • Hastings Centennial Manor - 140
  • Hydro One Inc. - 106
  • Levesque Brothers - 90
  • Tim Horton's - 85
  • Canadian Tire - 80
  • Quinte Health Care North Hastings - 78
  • North Hastings High School - 77
  • Pepin's No Frills - 70
  • Foodland - 52
  • McDonalds - 42
  • North Hastings Community Integration Assoc - 41
  • Municipality of Hastings Highlands - 40
  • Town of Bancroft - 32
  • South Algonquin Eatery & Pub - 32

(Sources: Hastings County Community Profile 2009, Town of Bancroft, NHEDC Project Survey 2013)

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Section D: ŸCompetitive Advantages

D.1. Location & Availability of Property

As noted in Section 1, North Hastings has the enviable position of being located equidistant between the GTA and Ottawa, at the intersection of Hwy #28 and #62.  Being situated next door to Algonquin Park has obvious advantages as the Park is already an international magnet for visitors.

To access Residential & Waterfront properties visit:

For Commercial properties in North Hastings visit

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D.2. Transportation

With major airports less than 3 hours away from the centre of North Hastings, private airport shuttle to Toronto Pearson, availability of broadband and easy access to the Hwy #401 corridor in Toronto and $417 in Ottawa, living and operating your business in North Hastings makes sense!  Porter Airlines at Toronto Island is also only 3 hours away and Oshawa Airport, just over 2 hours.  Rapid GO Transit service between Oshawa and downtown Toronto means frequent travellers to the city have a hassle-free business option with free parking that avoids gridlock.

Heli-pad service is also available in North Hastings at the Jack Brown Airport in Bancroft.  This small private airport is well maintained by the Bancroft Flying Club.  It offers service for business travellers coming from larger centres and the U.S., as well as cottage commuters.

Two public transit options also exist, Bancroft Community Transit and the TROUT (The Rural Overland Utility Transit). Public transit has an important role in linking North Hastings' residents with the goods and services they need.

Greyhound Bus service is available from Toronto to Ottawa through North Hastings 3 days per week.

The Ministry of Transportation has an office in Bancroft and all your needs for licensing etc. can be met at the Service Ontario office located on Monck Street.  (Hwy 28 W)

Facilities are available in North Hastings for large truck repairs and service.

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D.3. Pro-active Municipalities and Business Organizations

Beginning in 2008, efforts were made to bring together municipalities in North Hastings to focus on downtown revitalization, with fantastic results!  Not only have there been physical improvements resulting in the creation of more vibrant and enjoyable downtowns, but a new spirit of regional cooperation has evolved.  Municipalities are also recognizing the value of planning as Integrated Community Sustainability Plans have been created for most and Sustainable Committees are active.   These plans are available on most municipal websites.

In recent years there has also been greater support and cooperation among business organizations, the Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce, Bancroft Business Improvement Area, Maynooth & Hastings Highlands Business Association, the County of Hastings, Community Futures Development Corporation and the business community in North Hastings.  The result is a more support for budding entrepreneurs and more networking and educational opportunities.

More recently, Bancroft and Hastings Highlands have joined together to provide quality Fire Service Protection to their communities.  Some of the smaller municipalities are also partnering in the area of Fire Protection.  The Township of Faraday works cooperatively with other municipalities to provide Household Hazardous Waste facilities.

North Hastings also works in cooperation with County of Hastings Economic Development and Invest in Hastings and Creative Hastings.

North Hastings is also part of the Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization.

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D.4. Traffic Counts

A comparison of four distinct regions in Eastern & Central Ontario reveals that Bancroft, the retail and service hub for North Hastings, stands above the other three in terms of annual average daily traffic counts (10,000) and summer daily average counts (12,100). This amounts to an annual average of 3.65 million vehicle counts per year.

Maynooth also has a strong average annual daily traffic count of 3200 (1,168,000 vehicles annually) as it is the gateway to Algonquin Park from the south-east.

North Hastings Provincial Highways Traffic Counts

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D.5. Market Potential

Section 2 – Demographics demonstrate that there is a sizable market for goods and services in North Hastings.  When you add together the permanent and seasonal resident population within 72 km catchment area, the market in North Hastings is more than 60,000 people.  In addition, studies have indicated that there are another estimated 90,000 same day or overnight tourists annually.

With major centres such as Belleville and Peterborough, more than one hour away, North Hastings has its own "captive" market, especially as gas prices increase and travel to these cities become more costly.


D.6. No Development Charges

Currently, none of the seven municipalities in North Hastings charge any development fees while most surrounding regions do have development fees.

Region Development Fees
North Hastings None
Kawartha Lakes Yes
Prince Edward County Yes



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D.7. Competitive Average Residential House Prices

Residential Median Prices 2013 *
Bancroft & District Real Estate Board $120,000 (Sept)
Huntsville $195,000 (Jan - Mar)
Bracebridge $232,000 (Jan -Mar)
Haliburton Highlands $147,500 (Jan-Mar)
Gravenhurst $230,000(Jan - Mar)
Orillia $232,000 (Jan - Mar)
Quinte & District Real Estate Board $224,739 (Aug)
Lakelands Assoc. of REALTORS® $207,000 (Aug)
Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Assoc. $287,000 (Aug)Av. Price
Peterbrough & Kawarthas Assoc. of Realtors® $271,968 (Jul)
Kingston & Area Real Estate Assoc. 286,000 (Apr-Jun)

*median price unless otherwise indicated

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D.8. Competitive Waterfront Median Prices

Waterfront Median Prices 2013*
Bancroft & District Real Estate Board $230,000 (Sept)
Lake of Bays $470,000 (Jan - Mar)
Lakelands Assoc. of REALTORS® $379,000 (Aug)
Muskoka Lakes $579,500 (Jan-Mar)
Huntsville $368,750 (Jan-Mar)

*median price unless otherwise indicated
(Source: Bancroft & District Real Estate Board)

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D.9. Franchises/Authorized Distributors, Suppliers & Service Providers Currently Operating in North Hastings

  • Assante Wealth Management
  • Best Western
  • Blue Wave Energy (Parkland Industries)
  • Canadian Tire
  • Car Quest
  • Curves
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dixie Lee
  • ESSO (Imperial Oil)
  • Home Hardware
  • IDA
  • Kawartha Dairy
  • Leon's
  • Loblaws
  • M & M Meats
  • McDonald's
  • McDougall Insurance
  • Paramed Home Health Care
  • Pet Valu
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Red Apple
  • Rona Cashway
  • Sears
  • Shell
  • Shopper's Drug Mart
  • Sobeys
  • State Farm
  • Subway
  • Sun Media (Quebecor Media)
  • Superior Propane
  • SurNet Insurance Group
  • The Cambium Group
  • The Ear Depot
  • Tim Horton's
  • TimBrMart
  • V & S Steadman's

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D.10. Waste Management Systems

Bancroft's waste management program includes weekly curbside pick-up of residential, commercial and institutional waste as well as a "two (2) stream", blue box recycling program. The Town of Bancroft manages one municipal landfill site with a recycling depot. The Township of Faraday operates 6 MHSW events through the spring, summer and fall periods at the Township of Faraday Public Works Yard. The intensive management of our community wastes will ensure the continuance now and in the future of its rural beauty.

Hastings Highlands also has roadside garbage and recycling pick-up.  The remaining municipalities in North Hastings offer depot services for the collection of all recycling and waste.

A number of the communities are actively engaged in becoming more sustainable.  Sustainability Committees, in smaller municipalities such as the one in Tudor & Cashel, have embraced the idea of planning for a sustainable community.

In Bancroft, the Sustainable Bancroft Committee has developed a 'Sustainability Checklist', a tool that can help determine how sustainable an organization or project may be.

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D.11. Opportunities abound in North Hastings!

Escape the sprawl. Transfer your skills to Hastings County, home to Communities with Opportunities. Immerse yourself in the natural and physical beauty of our landscape complemented by creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

We're home to artisan food and beverage businesses, furniture makers, live theatre, multimedia producers and numerous artists. Our agriculture and natural resources are adapting to a new economy which supports revitalized main streets and high speed Internet access. Hastings County is good for business. Good for your lifestyle.

The following are examples of successful projects in North Hastings. We would love to add your project to the list!  Please refer to the contact list in Section A, or check out the local real estate links on this site for more information on specific land and businesses currently for sale.

For Residential properties, visit or

For Commercial properties visit

Deer River Cardiac Heath & Wellness Retreat/Resort
Just outside Ormsby in Wollaston Township. Described as being "for urbanites, baby-boomers and their families", The Deer River Resort will be Ontario's most exclusive health and wellness destination spa providing an integrative approach to overall health through prevention, management and special programming in an unparalleled setting. There will also be a cardiovascular health centre that focuses on preventative health care for the exponentially growing number of North Americans that are affected by heart health related issues."

Limerick Lake Estates
Cottage lots on beautiful Limerick Lake have been established and are currently being marketed through local real estate professionals.

Bancroft Railway Station Restoration
This community landmark has been restored after being closed for structural issues for several years.  With a new beginning, this beautiful building is home to the Regional Tourism Office, Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club Museum, Mineral Education Centre and Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce.

The Bancroft Hotel
The former Bancroft Hotel was re-energized in early 2013 as new owners opened "The South Algonquin Eatery & Pub".  A combination of friendly staff, live local music and energetic new owners with a vision for the business, are making this historic corner of downtown Bancroft come to life!

Greenview Environmental & Evergreen Energy Solutions
A new state of the art energy efficient building showcases the design, engineering and materials that are part of the products and services offered by this local "green" business.  Located in Bird's Creek, the new home of Greenview Environmental is a testimony to what can be achieved with the purchase of previously undeveloped land in the heart of North Hastings!

Grail Springs Spa
Now verging on close to 20 years in the making, Grail Springs Spa got its beginning on the shore of a small lake just 10 minutes outside Bancroft.  The buildings, landscaping and natural setting are the perfect backdrop for what has become an internationally recognized Wellness Retreat.  It is the perfect combination of wellness and nature!

Universal Seal
Located in Monteagle Valley in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands, Universal Seal is an example of a small manufacturing operating in North Hastings.  There is a readily available local labour force for both in-factory and home piecemeal work.   When proximity to complementary operations is not a requirement, this type of manufacturing facility offers reasonable operating costs to the entrepreneur and an unmatched quality of life for its workers, the best of both worlds!
Universal Seal reaches across the globe to provide quality seals wherever they're needed. With nearly two thirds of their sales exported to foreign countries, Universal Seal has the experience to provide for a global market, right from North Hastings.

Aldergrove Mushroom Farm
Located in McArthur's Mills, just east of Bancroft, Aldergrove Mushroom Farm grows quality Shitake mushrooms which are shipped from their North Hastings location to a wide range of customers.

Bush Pilot Brewery
Stormy Monday is experiencing strong sales in LCBO outlets in Ontario.  This artisan beer company has plans for the development of a production and tasting facility in North Hastings near the community of Combermere.

The Granite
This beautifully restored building was originally one of the earliest homes in Bancroft.  Located along the Hastings Heritage Trail and at the junction of Hwy 62 and Bridge St. in the heart of the downtown, this restaurant has become an attraction for local residents and for visitors of all seasons who travel along the trail by ATV and snowmobile.

York River Fine Woodworking
This business located just east of Maynooth, is home to the only dry cooperage in central Canada and the only commercial shake and shingle manufacturer in Ontario!

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D.12. Access to Financial Services

Financial Institutions in North Hastings include:

  • TD Canada Trust (in Bancroft)
  • Scotia Bank (in Bancroft & Maynooth)
  • Kawartha Credit Union (in Bancroft & Coe Hill)
  • RBC (ATM only at Shopper's Drug Mart – Full Service in Apsley)
  • Community Futures Development Corporation of North & Central Hastings & South Algonquin (CFDC). CFDC offers business loans for business enterprises where typical financial institutional funding is not available. It also provides funding and support for entrepreneurs, such as business development and training programs.

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D.13. Support for Business/Education/Training

  • Hastings County Economic Development – Andrew Redden, Ec. Dev. Manager
  • County Enterprise Facilitation Program
  • Town of Bancroft – Hazel Lambe, Economic Development Officer
  • Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce – located in the Bancroft Railway Station
  • Bancroft Business Improvement Area – Executive Director – Chris Drost
  • Community Futures Development Corporation of North & Central Hastings and South Algonquin
  • Maynooth & Hastings Highlands Business Association – President – Joseph Shulman
  • Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization – Main office in Pembroke.  Visit and
  • Youth Support- Youth in Action Program – part of the Celebrate Youth Movement
  • Aboriginal community support – Metis Nation office in Bancroft

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Section E:Ÿ Way of Life Advantages


E.1. Access to Health Care

No matter what age you or your family members might be, North Hastings offers the medical services you need:

  • A new regional hospital in Bancroft
  • Essential 24 hour Emergency services
  • Two Family Health Teams located in Bancroft
  • A new medical centre (construction currently underway) for physician offices
  • Dental Services located in Bancroft
  • Vision Care located in Bancroft
  • Hearing Care located in Bancroft
  • Denturist located in Bancroft
  • Dialysis Unit at Quinte Health Care North Hastings in Bancroft
  • Diabetic Clinic
  • Footcare
  • Hastings & Prince Edward County Health Unit located in Bancroft with pre-natal and post-natal classes/programs for families
  • Metis Nation – foot clinic and family programs
  • Basic Diagnostic equipment (x-ray, ultrasound)
  • Visiting Medical Specialist Program including: Cardiologist, Urologist, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Respirology, Urology, Endocrinology, General Surgeons
  • Chiropractor Care
  • Mental Health Counselling and Centre
  • Drug Addiction Treatment Centre
  • Community Living – Assisted Independent Living for individuals with intellectual challenges
  • Non-traditional health providers
  • Long Term Care Facility
  • Private Residence for Seniors
  • Mental Health Support Centre
  • 3 Senior Apartment Complexes in Bancroft and one in Coe Hill
  • Veterinary Care for your pet
  • OHIP Consulting available on an appointment basis
  • Private nursing care available throughout North Hastings
  • Fitness Centres and fitness/healthy living programs available throughout North Hastings

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E.2. Access to Educational Facilities

Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board

The Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board operates five elementary schools in North Hastings as well as North Hastings High School which is located in Bancroft. Click on the links below to learn more about them.

Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School is located in Bancroft and runs Jr-K to Grade 8.

Loyalist College - Bancroft Campus

Loyalist College, Bancroft Campus is situated in the heart of beautiful East Central Ontario, just 1 1/2 hours north of Belleville on Hwy 62 or 1 1/2 hours northeast of Peterborough on Hwy 28. It is a vibrant and busy satellite campus of Loyalist College Main Campus in Belleville. Since its beginnings in 1967, it has been a leader in developing and delivering education and training for the residents of our four season playground. From our Continuing Education Courses, to part-time Paramedic Program, to Outdoor Wilderness Experience Certificate Program, to On-line Distance Education Courses as well as Community Employment Services & Summer Jobs Service, Loyalist has endeavoured to meet the growing needs of North Hastings.

Licensed Child Care Facility

North Hastings Children's Services in downtown Bancroft provides quality, licensed child care facilities for North Hastings as well as an Early Years Centre for families and their children.

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E.3. Libraries

Libraries are often the hub of the community and in North Hastings it is no different.

The Hastings Highlands Public Library in Maynooth is an award winning facility that is attracting attention across the province for its innovative programming.  It is so much more than a traditional library with programs for all ages, a large bank of computers for community use, a program room and of course a great collection of books.

The Wollaston & Limerick Union Public Library opened to the public on January 11, 1973.  There are approximately 450 patrons. Since its beginnings, this "wee library with heart'' has been a valuable resource supporting literacy, employment, local business, health and daily life in the community. Like other libraries, its role is changing with the times. It is growing into an information hub for the community by offering a gateway to the digital world.  At the same time it promotes information sharing and social interaction at home.

Carlow/Mayo Public Library is a joint-use facility with Hermon Public School. It has a great library collection that can meet the needs of the entire family which includes a range of books, DVD's, audio books and magazines. It has four computer workstations, two children's early literacy computer stations and E-readers for lending AND Free WIFI. The library strives to provide equal access to information, ideas and lifelong learning opportunities through a range of services and programs.

The Bancroft Public Library, located on Flint Ave. in downtown Bancroft, is your "doorway to discovery".  It serves the community with information, entertainment and learning opportunities through print, multi-media and electronic resources.

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E.4. Protective Services

The Ontario Provincial Police provide protective services for North Hastings with a detachment located on Hwy 28 just south of the North Hastings High School.

Fire Departments are typically staffed with a combination of volunteers and paid staff, some shared between municipalities. Fire Departments are located throughout the region and are well-recognized for the quality service they provide.


E.5. Social Services

Hastings Children's Aid Society -
CAS provides child protection services within our community seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, to the children and families of Hastings County, the City of Belleville and the City of Quinte West.
Bancroft Office - Phone: 613.332.2425 - Google Map Location

Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit

Maggie's Resource Centre of North Hastings
Crisis Intervention, Safety Planning, Transitional Housing Support, Counselling, Safe placement and transportation for women and their children leaving abusive relationships, Advocacy, and referrals to health, legal and income support resource centres and advocacy with legal and social services.

North Hastings Children's Services
NHCS provides a variety of family care and educational programs for the entire family. Our programs and services are available to all residents in the Bancroft, Ontario region.

North Hastings Community Integration Association
In partnership with the community, North Hastings Community Integration Association supports people with an intellectual disability and their families, and facilitates opportunities for all people to live, work and learn together.
Phone: 613.332.2090 -

North Hastings Mental Health Support Group
Phone: 613.332.8165

County of Hastings
Hastings County provides a number of programs and support including:

  • Ontario Works - Ontario Works provides support and financial assistance to enable individuals to become fully productive members of the community.
  • Child Care -The County provides financial assistance towards child care for qualified families with children in licensed child care facilities.  It also provides subsidies for childcare workers.
  • Subsidized Housing - The County helps provide safe, modest and affordable housing for low income families and individuals in the County.
  • Long Term Care -The County operates Hastings Manor and Hastings Centennial Manor to provide long term care for residents of Hastings County.
  • Land Ambulance - The County provides land ambulance base in Bancroft.  2 ambulances staffed 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

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E.6. Sense of Community

While North Hastings is very much a mix of residents with long roots in the community and "transplants" who have chosen North Hastings as their home in more recent years (primarily from the 70s until now), there is a very strong sense of community.

North Hastings is a place where everyone, including the recently arrived, can feel a sense of belonging.  It is easy to get involved in the cultural and social scene, so much so that newcomers report that they are participating in community activities that they would never have dreamed of being involved in.

It is very much a "come as you are" place where socio-economically diverse people mix easily, a place where everyone has  the space and freedom to follow their dreams and their passion, be it becoming an entrepreneur, an artist, an actress or community leader!  It is a place where you can re-invent yourself.

North Hastings has the best of both worlds that perfect mix of rural and urban living.    It has the privacy, solitude and natural landscapes that are part of rural living with urban services such as great shopping, restaurants, theatre, medical services, educational facilities, internet service etc. close at hand.  Major centres and international airports are less than a tank of gas away, yet you can walk out your door and see a deer foraging in the forest, hear whip-poor-wills calling to each other and enjoy the quiet and solitude you have been looking for.  It can't get any better than this!

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E.7. Cultural facilities, opportunities & events

There are always cultural events and activities going on in all parts of North Hastings.  It could be a dance or music jam featuring local musicians at the local community centre, a play at the Bancroft Village Playhouse or Hastings Highlands Centre, Toronto International Film Festivals movies as part of the North of 7 Film Fest, Seedy Saturday in Maynooth, outdoor summer concerts in the Park, the monthly opening reception at the Art Gallery of Bancroft, the Fort Stewart Jamboree, the Coe Hill Farmers' Market or one of the dozens of other activities that take place every week across the region.

New arrivals to the community who worry that there will not be enough to do culturally and socially in North Hastings will be pleasantly surprised at the range of activities and like-minded new friends they will develop through these opportunities.  Community Events Calendar links are available on this website and is hosted by the Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce - Community Events Calendar

Special events add some amazing opportunities for local residents and visitors.  Some of the larger events include:

  • Bancroft Art & Craft Show and Sale in Millennium Park and Christmas Show at Club 580
  • Bancroft Theatre Guild & Bancroft Summer Theatre at the Bancroft Village Playhouse a cultural historical landmark
  • Bancroft Wheels, Water & Wings
  • Black Bear Rally
  • Coe Hill Fair
  • Fort Stewart Jamboree
  • Hastings Highlands Hilly Hundred
  • Maynooth Madness Weekend featuring the Highland Heavies and Maynooth Muddawgs
  • Monthly Receptions at the Art Gallery of Bancroft for new shows
  • Rally of the Tall Pines
  • Rockhound Gemboree in celebration of us being "The Mineral Capital of Canada"
  • Rocky Hills Horse Club Team Penning
  • Snowmobile and ATV poker runs
  • Think Snow!
  • Warriors Day in Coe Hill
  • York River Paddle Challenge...and much more

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E.8. Access to Outdoor Recreation

North Hastings is widely recognized for its abundant lakes, rivers and outdoor recreational opportunities.  Whether you prefer the more moderate activities such as boating, fishing, sailing and hiking or your tastes go more to the extreme, white water rafting, rock or ice climbing, snowmobile and ATVing or wilderness camping, everything is close at hand in North Hastings.  With over 2000 km of groomed trails, public boat launches, outfitters to lend a hand, campsites, some amazing hiking trails and hundreds of lakes and rivers to choose from, many on Crown Land, North Hastings will exceed all your outdoor recreation needs!

Did you know?

  • The Nutwood Observatory in L'Àmable, just south of Bancroft has been designated as a ''Dark Sky Preserve''
  • 43 % of North Hastings is Crown Land
  • Snowmobiling brings in over $2 million to the local economy annually
  • There is large active hiking group in North Hastings that meets to hike at different locations every week
  • The Photography Club in North Hastings has regular outings and opportunities to learn and take photos!
  • Broken Spokes Bike Club has guided rides for different ages and abilities each week from spring until fall
  • There are approximately 242 named lakes in North Hastings where anglers can toss a line, or you can boat, canoe or kayak for kilometers.

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E.9. Other Recreation

No matter what your age is or what your interests may be, North Hastings likely has a club, organization, program or event that will be right for you.  The number and type of activities is exhaustive and so the following is by no means a complete list but it will give you a taste of the opportunities for recreation in North Hastings.

  • Bancroft Curling Club
  • North Hastings Arena (hockey for all ages, figure skating, pleasure skating)
  • Kick boxing
  • Zumba
  • Aerobics
  • Fitness Boot Camp
  • Gymnastics
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Youth Clubs such as Cadets/Boy Scouts/Girl Guides
  • Leash Free Dog Park
  • Dog training
  • Live Theatre
  • Art Classes
  • Recreational courses through Loyalist College (i.e. ballroom dancing, wilderness survival, folk art)
  • Music lessons
  • Musical open jam sessions
  • Mineral Capital Concerts in Millennium Park
  • Events/activities at community recreation centres (dances/sporting/cultural/events) in Fort Stewart, Monteagle Valley, McCarthurs Mills, Coe Hill, Gilmour, Faraday, Dungannon, Maynooth, Bird's Creek)
  • Farmers' Markets in Maynooth, Bancroft and Coe Hill
  • Old-fashioned country auctions
  • Bike Club
  • Photography Club
  • Field Naturalist Club
  • Gem & Mineral Club
  • Book Clubs
  • Summer Camp for kids
  • Drumming Circle
  • Live local music at local restaurants and pubs
  • Plus many more......

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E.10. Access to variety of retail goods and services

Most of the retail products and services a family requires can be found within North Hastings.  Bancroft, our regional hub, has a wide range of goods and services that make travel outside the region an option rather than a necessity. The smaller communities also offer basic goods and services, providing much of what is needed locally.


E.11. Access to locally produced food – farm gate and farmers' markets

Although much of the land in North Hastings is rock, we are also fortunate to have some excellent pockets of good farmland.  A daily farmers market in Bancroft has been in continuous operation from May to September since the mid seventies.  The Maynooth Farmers' Market is a major regional attraction on Saturday mornings throughout the warm season as well as having special market days throughout the rest of the year.  The Coe Hill Market offers fresh local produce for residents and cottagers alike on Saturdays during the summer months.

New farm gate/heritage package tours are currently underdeveloped in North Hastings.  This is a great way to experience local food and to get to know local producers.

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E.12. Community Service Clubs

North Hastings is home to a number of well-known service clubs including:

  • Lion's Club International
  • The Shriners
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Army, Navy & Air Force


E.13. Places of Worship

North Hastings has a wide selection of places of worship.

  • Church of Christ (Christian) - Bancroft, Hwy 62 S., (613) 332-4451
  • Joy Bible Camp - Bancroft, Airport Rd., (613) 332-3696
  • Lakeview Gospel Hall - Bancroft, 644 Maxwell Settlement Rd, (613) 332-4317
  • Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church - Bancroft, 96 BridgeSt. W., (613) 332-2954
  • Community Fellowship Baptist Church - Bancroft, 29764 Hwy 62, (613) 332-5773
  • Bancroft Bible Chapel - Bancroft, 106 Hastings St. N., (613) 332-2480
  • St. John's Anglican Church - Bancroft, 21 Flint Ave., (613) 332-3764
  • St. Paul's United Church - Bancroft, 1 Hastings St. S, (613) 332-1900
  • Bancroft Spiritual Centre - Bancroft, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Bancroft Pentecostal Tabernacle - Bancroft, 313 Hastings St. N., (613) 332-3616
  • Church of Latter Day Saints - Bancroft, 53 Hastings St, (613) 332-9878
  • St. Matthew's United Church - Baptiste, 113 Village St., (613) 332-1900
  • Bridge Community Church - Bird's Creek, 29670C Hwy 62 N., (613) 332-6966
  • Jehovah Witness - Bird's Creek, 29780 Hwy 62 N., (613) 332-1932
  • Boulter Gospel Chapel - Boulter, 24 Havergal Rd., (613) 332-2214
  • Carlow United Church - Boulter, 4252 Boulter Rd., (613) 332-1900
  • Coe Hill Gospel Church - Coe Hill, 11 Wollaston Lake Rd., (613) 337-5151
  • Zion United Church/Coe Hill-St. Ola United - Coe Hill/The Ridge, 47 Wollaston Lake Rd., (623) 337-5708
  • Purdy Evangelical Baptist Church - Combermere, 13 Centreview Rd., (613) 756-0614
  • New Fellowship Church - Combermere, 863 Centreview Rd., (613) 756-0254
  • St. Paul the Apostle Anglican Church - Combermere, 1048B Mill St., (613) 756-3504
  • Mount Zion Pentecostal Church - Gilmour, 42 Weslemkoon Rd, (613) 474-1941
  • Hillview  Mennonite Church - Hermon, 116 Fort Stewart Rd., (613) 332-3256
  • L'Amable Bible Chapel - L'Amable, 26492 Hwy 62 South, (613) 332-4958
  • St. Andrew's United Church - L'Amable, 85 Old L'Amable Rd., (613) 332-1900
  • Lake St. Peter Word of Life Outreach Inc. - Lake St. Peter, 2032 Hwy 127, (613) 338-2121
  • Graphite Bible Chapel - Maynooth, 702-B Graphite Rd., (613) 338-3461
  • Christ Lutheran Church - Maynooth, 9 Lutheran Church Rd., (613) 3382927
  • St. Ignatius Catholic Church - Maynooth, Hwy 127, (613) 339-2821
  • Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Maynooth, 33064 Hwy 62 N., (613) 338-2063
  • St. Andrew's Bethel United Church - Maynooth, Hwy 62 and Church St., (613) 338-2175
  • McArthur's Mills Christian Fellowship - McArthur's Mills, Hwy 28 E., (613) 332-0442
  • St. Bernadette Catholic Church - Ormsby, Old Hastings Rd., (613) 472-2220
  • St. Marks' United Church - Paudash, 1 Rabbit Lane, (613) 339-2828

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Section F:Ÿ Communications


Two local newspapers

  • Bancroft Times (independent)
  • Bancroft This Week (Sunmedia)

Two local radio stations

  • Moose 97.7FM
  • UCB 103.5 FM Christian Radio

Postal and courier services

  • Full postal service is available in Bancroft, Coe Hill and Maynooth
  • A variety of courier companies operate daily service to and from Bancroft

Internet service Eastern Ontario Regional Network- broadband initiative

  • Wireless or satellite service is available in most parts of North Hastings with service expected to most residences and businesses by the fall of 2013 under the EORN project.

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