County Economic Development

Hastings County provides a central office where entrepreneurs can receive professional advice and assistance with their business.   Whether situated on main street or on a county side road, we provide free and confidential business management coaching.  The County is also proactively seeking new investment and targeting:

  • Lone Eagles - people with transferable skills who do not have to be in a big city to operate their business, and those who are seeking the excellent quality of life and extensive natural amenities we have to offer
  • Value-added agri-ventures - this includes artisan cheese making and craft brewing

Other key targets include:

  • Downtown investment - working to promote investment opportunities in our eight main street districts
  • New tourism investment - such as in accommodations, attractions and other related types of investment
  • Forestry and related wood product opportunities - we are working with our Bancroft and Area Forestry Industry Association (BAFIA) and other partners to help identify specific opportunities that can be capitalized upon


Learn more by visiting:

hastings county economic development



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