Scenic Summer Routes

Drive and ride some of the North Hastings routes to see scenic parks, beaches, and unique attractions.
Not only do they make for a fantastic day or weekend trips, these impromptu excursions give the kids some excellent insight to Canadian geography and history. This adventure also leads you to artisans, entertainment, and beautiful nature.
Whether you are planning a summer vacation or a long weekend getaway, taking a road trip is one of the most popular ways to get away, explore, and enjoy some much needed time off.

Consider the "scenic route." Traffic volume increases by 20% on long weekends. Think about taking the road less traveled – maybe a secondary or country road. Even though you won't be able to drive as fast and it may not be a direct route, you may get there faster than if you took a 400-series highway.
No matter the season these routes are the perfect way to explore the unexpected gems of our region. Make sure you look at the waypoints to see if any other links are within. Our stories are starting to grow.  
Now it’s time to hit the road.


Hungry? Check out route 14 Picnic to Go for a few food suggestions.


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